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Icarus Slitless Spectrograph

At Icarus Optomechanics, we study the light on an optical bench with the use of our optomechanical systems. We designed and constructed Icarus Slitless Spectrograph specifically to record the Flash Spectrum during Total Solar Eclipses and also for the night sky. Icarus Slitless Spectrograph records the light of the Solar Corona, which is travelling for five hundred seconds before it enters into the system. Icarus grating analyzes the incoming light in different colors. Icarus Spectrograph can also analyze the ligh of the stars, planets, comets, nebulae as well. Absoption and emission lines are easy to record in short exposure times.

Icarus Spectrograph Accessories

Icarus Slitless Spectrograph can easily be transformed into a typical spectrograph for various applications. For that reason we manufacture and provide all the extra accessories needed. With the simple adaptation of the Optomechanical Slit System, Icarus Spectrograph can be used for spectroscopic observations. With the adaptation of the Optomechanical Fiber System, Icarus Spectrograph can be transformed into a Fiber Spectrograph. By using a fiber optic patch cord, we can collect light from sources that are far away from the spectrograph main box.

Commercial Spectrophotometric Applications

Icarus Slit / Fiber Spectrograph has many commercial and laboratory applications. Icarus Slit Spectrograph has been extended used for the light pollution spectral analysis. The light from the city lamps is scattered on the sky and illuminates it. The light pollution turns the dark sky to gray or close to white and extinguishes the light from the stars. Icarus Fiber Spectrograph can be used to perform transmission or absoption analysis. It can also be used for spectroscopic analysis of the stars with the use of a telescope.

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